*  What results to expect, how your facial/orbital/ocular prosthesis would look like, show you case studies, e. g. will my eye move etc. photographs and relate experiences.
* The fitting procedures will be discussed in full to alleviate any potential anxiety. This is NOT a painful procedure.
* Schedule bookings – expect between 3-6 appointments of approximately 1-2 hours each, depending on the complexity.
* Generally, familiarize the patient with the manufacturing process and concepts – answer all questions.
* Discuss medical aid coverage or alternative payment schedules.
* Patients briefed as to lifespan of prosthesis. (approx. 5 years)
* Anxiety is totally normal. That is why a patient is encouraged to consult the facial prosthetist/ocularist who deals with the traumas and fears of people in this predicament. Often the patient sees the facial prosthetist/ocularist before he or she has undergone the initial operation or removing of the eye. This can be most encouraging for the patient and family members and this service is usually totally free of charge.

We have a fantastic ‘support’ group made up of people who have experienced first-hand what you are now going through. For patients who have a child or baby in this situation it is especially encouraging.
Please contact the facial prosthetist/ocularist to gain access to the qualified members for this opportunity.